'A Shady Murder' is a short "teaser" to whet your appetite for the full story.
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Jules' job as a homicide detective has become the perfect cover as he pursues supernatural beings that are determined to eliminate him. This short thriller will leave you wanting more... once you catch your breath.


"Shady Murder is a very brief read but detailed enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. In just a few pages, the author, Adele Davis, takes readers to the aftermath of a crime scene. After a surprising turn of events, I am left hungry for more of this author's work." - Mysstyque

"This book was great! An attention getter from the very first page. As short as it was, it was packed with suspense. I can't wait for the rest of the series!" - Wallaboo

"Great story canít wait to read whatís next!!" - Just_Elvis

"Loved the sample! Where's the rest of the book??" - Seeker1001010

"Nice story. Great new author." - Anonymous

"I can't wait for more adventures with this new hero, Jules! In this supernatural world, it's easy to overlook what lurks around you. This book is definitely engaging and I can't wait what happens next!" - Anonymous

"This will leave you in suspense! Just when you think you know what's going on, BAM! Twist! Great read. I hope to see a series!" - TwixFunSize

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About the Author

In addition to being an author, Adele Davis is a Computer Specialist and the mother of two adult daughters. When she isn't writing, Adele can be found piddling in her garden and is rarely seen without her two Maltese dogs.  She loves hot weather and currently resides in the vastly enormous state of Texas.

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